Our Song of Democracy

You MPs and Senators leave us appalled,
With party-line voting whenever you're called,
You know very well it's the people you slight,
And we don't think you're all that engagin';
You can't have your way, hold the people at bay,
For the times they are achangin'.......

You know that the world's in a terrible mess,
With widespread anxiety, unemployed stress,
With war and disease of a terrible kind,
And hopeless political turmoil;
It's democracy's way - give the people their say,
Then we'll all get along with this changin'.........

You've hung up 'the system' with parties so long,
You've forgotten completely democracy's song,
That government rights to the people belong,
And the system needs much rearrangin';
So get out of the way, it's the people's New Day,
We're the ones who will soon do the changin'......

by Basil Smith

(With apologies to Bob Dylan.)