An 'All-Independents' Democracy

with Ballots IN Parliament.

Yes, this is a different democracy!

We represent no-one but the people at large, seek no advantage other than the chance to make a profound change in the way we are governed, advancing to a much better, and truer democracy.

With an (electronic) secret-voting system in each parliament, all members will be equal, and independent. They will elect (and reject) ministers, as they choose.

During debate, preliminary and progressive ballots will be quite feasible, to facilitate the decision-making process. But every debate will be finally settled by a concluding ballot, after the motion: "That the question now be put" is passed.

The new parliament will be notable for its businesslike approach with quiet, polite, and intense objectivity.

With all members equal and independent, they will have no party advantage over other candidates at the next election, and will be assiduous in liaising with their constituents in regular public meetings . Thus a new breed of representation and community access will quickly arise.

Time for action - membership

'There are ... many who care, very few who take action.'

People say all the time. "The Secret Ballot in Parliament is a great idea, but it will never happen!"

That is quite true if, and only if, we do not take the small step of each being a party member - no fee and involvement optional.

Why does government do what it does? Because it can! Because we let it.

People say "But I can't do anything."
But you, with a growing number of others, can.

With a few more members we can achieve more publicity.
With five hundred members we can register, and candidates can stand for this reform.
With candidates standing we will see a big following.
With that following we will see the impossible becoming achievable.
With a few members at the start, the impossible will start to happen.

There's no doubt about it.

This party is not proposing policies - it's aim is a return to a real democracy - with the people, their representatives and parliaments, regaining their proper role and authority.

So, what is to be done?
Membership is free, apart from completion of the application for membership, for supplying full name and street address details for registration with the Electoral Office (No PO Box numbers!), and notifying the campaign of address etc changes.

We have started with a few, there will soon be many more!

We can do it. So let's just go for it - say YES!- Front Page