'The Battle for Democracy'

The Secret Ballot vs The Party System





November 1975, Lessons from history, Representation, The 'Era of Democracy', International history of the ballot, The challenge of democracy, Global impact, A Christian perspective, Apathy, Progress? The young are disgusted, Democracy's dilemma, A quality of life, A new democracy?

       The Party System

Parliament, The Debate,The Open Vote---by 'divisions',Our Representatives, Election Antic,Longer Terms, Secrecy,Debate and Secrecy,Accountability of Government,Accountability of the 'executive',Russia,The Old 'Mandate' Trick,Accountability of the Bureaucracy,Freedom of Information,Accountability of Parliament,Question Time,Accountability of Members,Stability,Leadership,Demonstrations and Violence,Freedom of Speech,The Local Member,Lobbies and Pressure Groups,Election Platforms,Referenda,Citizen Electoral Councils, Proportional Representation,A Bill of Rights?, The Westminster System,Dr. Carmen Lawrence MHR, And Churchill, A Question


Politics,Authority, or Leadership?Representative Government, Rights vs. Unity, Multiculturalism, or Cultural Diversity?,Majority Rule,Unanimity, A Narrow Majority,Minorities, Self-determination, Democracy and Freedom, Freedom,Open Government,An Ethical Society,An Exportable Democracy,A Democratic Society, Citizen Initiated Referenda

       The High Court

The Problem of the 'Executive', A New Role for the High Court,A Failing System, Other 'Freedoms',Cynicism,The High Court and the Common Law

       A Republic

Retain the Monarchy?, A Republic?,The Dismissal,The Constitution,What sort of republic?, A Viable Australian Republic? Alternatives,Appointment of a President?,The McGarvie Proposal?, A Committee of State Governors?,An Elected President? Nomination, A Head of State, Dismissal of a President,The States, A Preamble to the Constitution!

       A World under Pressure

Future Shock, Global Warming, Another Scarce Resource, World Trade, Free Trade and America, Democracy or 'dollocracy', S11 and Global Democracy, World Democracy?, world Government.

       A Troubled World

The Middle East, America and Democracy, September 11, 2001,The 'War against Terror' (WT),What next?, War with Iraq (WI),Bali Bombing -12 Oct 2002, Islam, Future Shock, The World Trade Organisation (WTO), Democracy or 'Dollocracy'? S11 and Global Democracy.

       A World Financial Crisis

The Sub-Prime Crisis

       The Answer - A Secret Ballot Parliament.

The Secret Ballot - by electronics, An Australian democracy, How will the secret ballot parliament work?, The local scene, A new parliament, A new representative, A new prime minister, The new executive, Committees, Leadership, A parliamentary agenda, Debate and voting, Ideas, concepts and principles, Policy development, Open government, Lobbies and pressure groups, Fixed and longer terms, Elections, Casual vacancies, Political stability, A new accountability,- Accountability of ministers - Accountability of members, A greater media role, The local scene, Objections and FAQs, We wouldn't know how they vote, A vote to abstain, Interest groups will remain, Ballot everything? Instability? How can politicians be trusted? Corruption, Secret bribery of members? Britain, in wartime, Which is better?


The World, Whither Australia?, The Frontier

      'Era of Democracy', 1854

      The Swiss 'Popular Initiative and Referendum'