A cooperative, responsible, participatory, caring and strong, parliamentary government, in which every issue is decided by electronic secret ballot of the elected members.


Because the secret ballot will exclude interference from the external minority pressures that create party political power, lobbies, futile conflict, and distorted decision-making.


All decisions will reflect the genuine opinions of representatives sensibly formed in consultation with their constituents, in public meetings.


The people generally will have a properly significant influence in the formation of majority decisions in parliament, via their responsive representatives.


Furthermore, in face to face electorate discussion, a realistic opportunity will prevail for minority views to be given the serious hearing and consideration to which their merits may entitle them, free of the fear of minority power to prevail against reason.


Authoritative government is essential to the good order which yields peace and freedom. A ballot parliament will be fair but firm in its decisions, unmoved by forceful minority or special interests.


Genuinely representative parliamentary government is the key to a happy (liberal) democracy.


The ballot will be a 'filter', routinely enabling sound decisions in parliament without haste or undue delay, while deferring controversial matters for further necessary consultation and examination in appropriate levels - home, community, media, academia, business, wider society, foreign affairs etc, etc.

But, will it ever happen?

That depends primarily on you, and the thousands of other citizens who, like you, want the: ‘Sound government that is essential to good order, peace and freedom.’
Some will say: But the people are too apathetic. Only partly true - because positive leadership for noble enterprise has been scarce.
Others will say: People are too comfortable, they don’t want to be bothered. How about you?
Are you ready to stand up for a better democracy.
Still others will say: Things aren’t too bad, we are better off than most others.
But the world needs Australia to lead, just as it did after the Eureka Stockade, with the secret ballot for elections - known worldwide as the Australian ballot.

Whither Australia

Shall we just tread water in the river as it drifts downstream to its Niagra, or shall we do what's necessary to create a real, working example of a genuine democracy.